Ardha Pincha Mayurasana. Pozice delfína (Dolphin ásana)

Do you want to earn the power and wisdom of the most clever animal of ocean? This is the time when you can, through yoga ;-). Just to put head down, told by YOGA, prolonges your life. 

If you don´t belive. I can give my own proval. I was always smiling and telling I am getting younger thanks to yoga. But this year at my 46 it came significantly into reality. If you want to see, follow my privet profile on facebook.

I am receiving questions how it is possible I look so differently. Peopla are not recognizing me and on the messanger I am contacted by 10 or more younger guys. 

HOW? Ask you how I do? I don´t want to talk about YOGA diet now, it is for annother article. But the true is that there is significant time, I have head down during the day. IT WORKS! Clear easy rule of YOGA is working on my face and body.

Other benefits of dolphin ásana:

  • relax your shoulders and trapezius muscle
  • strengthen your hands
  • opens your chest
  • improves your breathing
  • harmonizing urinary system
  • harmonizing your back tonus
  • harmonizing a mind

How to do dolphin ásana:

Start from the cat ásana. Bring your elbows to the floor and intertwine your fingers. Put your head between your hands and bring pelvic up. Try to straight your spin as much as possible and kneel your legs.

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