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V této rubrice najdete denní ásanový YOGA horoskop. Pár slov a ásánu, která rozvine energii dne, tak abyste se lépe přiblížili k vnitřní energii a správnému naladění. Namasté

Buddha Hand for Lotus Flower

Yogis and Tibetian monks are using hands and foot not only for eating and working. But they believe and they are by everyday usage proving that our fingers in certain positions are influencing our body. Those gestures we are watching [ … ]

Forgotten Roses.

YOGA ASANA HOROSCOPE 3.12.2019 I am writing again inspired by common life and circumstances which life is bringing to me. Today I feel as forgotten Rose. Rose is a symbol of the ♥ chakra. This is chakra with green color, chakra connected [ … ]

Daily YOGA practice

YOGA ASANA HOROSCOPE 26.11.2019 Keep going. Keep our own way to reach our dreams and targets is one of the most difficult things for us. Even here we can see thanks to YOGA, how far we are. A lot of [ … ]

LOVE dear yogis today about LOVE

YOGA ASANA HOROSCOPE 25.11.2019 Even though everything goes bad, nobody want´s to believe in you, you feel horrible pain in your body or soul. Always there is LOVE and God to hold you, bless you, take care of you. You will [ … ]

Fantasy never dies with YOGA

YOGA ASANA HOROSCOPE 23.11.2019 Fantasy NEVER DIES. Last days we passed a difficult time with a lot of lessons about fear. Let´s have a look at what YOGA is telling us about fear.  Buddha story above the BODHI TREE says [ … ]

Move the harmony with yoga

YOGA ASANA HOROSCOPE 22.11.2019 18.11. vrazil Mars do Štíra. V tomto znamení bude až do konce roku. Ale jen do dnešního dne je zároveň slunce ve štíru. Poslední dni jste tedy, obzvlášť pokud máte se štíry co do činění ve [ … ]

True yoga is not about the shape of your body,  but about the shape of your life. Yoga will not be done, yoga is here to live. Yoga doesn´t care what you are, yoga takes care of a person you become.  Yoga is designed for a broad and deep purpose, and it really needs to be embodied in its essence to be called yoga.

Get rid of the fear

YOGA ASANA HOROSCOPE 18.11.2019 What really mean number 9. Maybe you know the story about inexhaustible energy, which was described and partly proved by Nicolas Tesla. That energy is described by three numbers 3 6 and 9. 9 from those [ … ]