Daily YOGA practice



Keep going. Keep our own way to reach our dreams and targets is one of the most difficult things for us. Even here we can see thanks to YOGA, how far we are. A lot of us will come after the Christmas holidays with a new target for his/her self. Before it will come, honestly, how you did last year.

Today is coming TIME to evaluate, motivate yourself and then keep going on your way. Now we have still more than 21 days to the end of the year to fulfill what we targeted last year.

YOGA is a clear target to practice maybe not fully every day but almost every day. My recommendation is to keep practice for 21 days. Then you can be sure you have a new habit in your life and your reamed target is very close.


To help you get through. I am giving 5 inspiration ásanas to practice daily. Another you can find between our ásana list and you can choose every day 2 or of them to practice.

Is your question: “Is it enough?”

The answer is: “YES. Your own you will see results last year before Christmas.” After 3 months, I promise you significant feasible improvement on your body.”

You don´t believe me?

Let’s have a look. Czech singer Dara Rolinc in 47 age.

Chose ásanas for your every day YOGA practice
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