Fantasy never dies with YOGA



Fantasy NEVER DIES. Last days we passed a difficult time with a lot of lessons about fear. Let´s have a look at what YOGA is telling us about fear. 

Buddha story above the BODHI TREE says everything: 

“The Buddha is seated under the Bodhi tree, looking relaxed and contemplative … Surrounding him are the maras (our FEAR), all of the afflictions that assail the mind. Some have spears aimed at the Buddha and some are disguised in erotic imagery, aiming to disrupt the Buddha’s concentration, trying to generate the fear that comes from being attacked. But the Buddha sits unmoved, with one hand on the ground, as if to say, “I have a right to be here.” The shield that surrounds him, that protects him from these afflictions, is his benevolence. His own loving-kindness shining out from him is the dissolver of all afflictions.”


MEDITATION all are talking about but nobody saw 😉




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