LOVE dear yogis today about LOVE


Even though everything goes bad, nobody want´s to believe in you, you feel horrible pain in your body or soul. Always there is LOVE and God to hold you, bless you, take care of you. You will find them in your heart. Then you will come home however far it is and you start again with things you believe in.  Never you can stay alone. LOVE is all around you. 

HEART in Sanskrit is ANAHATHA. Chakra which belongs to the heart is called ANAHATHA chakra. Chacra is the energy center of the body. Yogis believe there are 7 main chakras that influencing our energy in the body. Anahatha is in the middle, surrounded by 3 chakras above and 3 chakras bellows.

But we can also imagine that chakra as number 8 when anahatha is just on the place where lines are crossing each other.

Also the symbol of number 8 you can imagen as infinity. LOVE never ends. LOVE never dies. LOVE is there for all of us, in our own heart. LOVE is GOD insight us.

YOGA has ásana, which is called the same as chakra. This ásana opens your heart, opens your LOVE insight to give:

  • to give LOVE to others,
  • give love to yourself
  • This is the way how to reach HARMONY
  • This is the way how to find piece insight
  • This is the way how BE HAPPY.
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