Few days ago I got from my friend this nice descrioption of yoga. I like it so much, I have to share.

True yoga is not about the shape of your body,  but about the shape of your life. Yoga will not be done, yoga is here to live. Yoga doesn´t care what you are, yoga takes care of a person you become.  Yoga is designed for a broad and deep purpose, and it really needs to be embodied in its essence to be called yoga.

Numbers 2 and 1, f.e.  221,122,121, 212

From numerology number 2111 meaning is. : our the thoughts are as small seads, which are starting to growth. M aybe you already have seen first results of your positive thinking. Means that your life is starting to drift to dreame dirrection. Keep going and continue trying to get to them. Get to your dreams.

Čísla 2 a 1, například 221,122,121, 212

Naše myšlenky jsou jako semínka, která začínají klíčit. Možná už jste zahlédli důkazy toho, že se vaše přání naplňují. Znamená to, že se věci ubírají a budou ubírat vytouženým směrem. Neztrácejte víru!

Asana which can support exitement and extasy of your heart is Whild think.

Extáze srdce (Wild Think)

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